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The passage to the right is from a special letter that one of our sisters received from God the Father in Eucharistic Adoration recently. It is filled with hope, even for those who we thought were beyond hope...those in Hell.

Not just Christians pray for the dead!

Burned by the souls in Purgatory

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Praying for the Dead...

I have studied Buddhism for about 14 or so years now. Within Buddhism, there is the belief that the living CAN pray their beloved deceased ones out of Hell. Even the Buddha advised one of his followers how he could release his mother, who had died and then appeared to the follower in a dream, and he saw that she was suffering terribly in flames. He advised this follower who did as The Buddha advised, and she was released from Hell.

This story touched my heart deeply. I was born and raised Catholic, and still am Catholic. Within all Christian religions, there is an absolute belief that once souls go to Hell, that is it...they are damned to stay there for all eternity burning in utter torment, never to be relieved or released ever again. But when I heard the story of the Buddha and his follower who prayed his dead mother's soul out of hell...it moved me to pray about it, and talk to God Our Heavenly Father about it.

Through many years of prayer and meditation, God Our Father and Jesus have lead me to this...

If we have FAITH, we can pray those we love out of Purgatory and Hell, by praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for them. But when we do that, if we are praying for the souls in Hell, we must pray first "for their enlightenment, so that they know how to use the Chaplet to help themselves". If we pray just the Chaplet, and not say first that "we pray this Chaplet for their (the souls in Hell) enlightenment", they will not know how to use the Chaplet to help themselves.

Now, I know that every Christian out there will say, "but in the Bible it says that the souls in Hell will burn for all eternity, why would God allow something contrary to the Bible?" My answer (and God's too) is this...isn't God's Mercy UNFATHOMABLE? What do you think unfathomable means? God has said to saints, that "even the Angels are in dismay over My Unfathomable Divine Mercy." So, if even the Angels cannot fathom God's Mercy, how is it that any human can? Do you think you know more than even the Angels, who see God face to face daily?

Why would God allow us to do this...to pray for the dead in Hell and Purgatory? Because how would we ever grow spiritually in love and charity towards others without it? How would we grow in altruism? This act is especially altruistic, because it is something that cannot be seen, nor can we see the value it is giving us in our lives here on earth. Not until we die, will we see all the good, and all the souls that we helped release from Hell and Purgatory.

So many souls go to Hell every single day...especially in today's world, full of hatred, self-ego, pride, godlessness, selfishness, lust, etc. How can we sit back and not do anything? There are souls alive today, that God has touched to pray, as I pray, for the souls in Hell. If you feel called to also pray for them, why not do it? Even if the Bible says the souls will burn for all eternity, isn't God's Mercy unfathomable? If God is calling you to pray for them, you can bet He is calling others (like me) also. We can be part of a merciful underground. Praying in our hearts for the dead in Purgatory and in Hell, there is no telling how many souls will be eternally grateful to you/us for doing that...for going against the current you might say.

If you do feel called to pray as I do, please say this...that you "offer this Chaplet of Mercy, for all the souls in Hell, that you pray for their enlightenment and to give them this Chaplet." Because Jesus/God guided me to realize that unless we pray for the souls' enlightenment, they will not know how to use the prayers to help themselves. So once the souls are in Purgatory, there are literally millions of Catholics around the world praying for the souls in Purgatory, so they will be helped once they are there.

Be on guard though, because by doing this prayer for the souls in Hell, you are stealing souls from Satan...he will have you in his sights and you will be attacked. You must call down protection from Satan from God, Jesus, and St. Michael (A most powerful protector against Satan!)

Please let me know if you also felt or feel called to pray for souls in Hell...we are interested to hear what you have to say.

With Gassho,

Sr. Frances
of the Sisters of Embracement