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Do you live your faith deeply and devotedly?

Do you do live your faith deeply and devotedly, and would like to share your love of God as you know Him to be? Then The Sisters of Embracement might be the place for you. We are an ecumenical convent. We accept women of all faiths. No one is ever asked to change their religion to another...each woman and her respective religion are embraced and her differences celebrated. What we understand is this...no matter What Name you call God, He is still God. We are working to unite all mankind by worshiping ONE GOD, by His Many Names.

We are living lives in such a way as to spread God's love and healing to all people, everywhere. We live in different states, in different countries all over the world. No one has to move or change their way of life. Our main "vows" are ones of living lives of pure love, total peace, and dedication to creating harmony wherever we go. We are an "online" community, as well as a "real-world" physical community. There is no charge, fee, or cost to joining us, but your time and devotion. There will be an initial period of discernment, where you can see if this is the place for you, and we can see if you are the one for us. This period of discernment is 6 months, where we will have a dialog either by mail, email, or phone. Then once both you and we agree that this is the place for you, we will send you what you will need to become a member/sister. You don't need to move, or change your lifestyle, but simply take vows similar to those outlined below. If living with other sisters in a specific location is something that appeals to you, please email us. If you simply want to know other women who live their faiths deeply and devotedly, and want to feel like a part of a "community" then contact us.

Are you an example of love, peace and harmony to others?

Do others tell you what a kind, compassionate, loving person your are? And how strong your faith is? Does your faith inspire others to live lovingly? That is the kind of woman we are looking for. Women who are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Native American, and many other faiths, who live compassionately, peacefully, and harmoniously with others. If you would LIKE TO WORK TOWARDS BECOMING MORE LIKE AN EXAMPLE to others, than this is the place for you! (We realize we are all working towards sainthood...we aren't usually born saintly.)

Our Vows are:

  • Moderation - This is to live "the Middle Way", which is a way of moderation, without extremes, but always striving for spiritual self-improvement.
  • Pure Love - loving everyone without distinction between friend or foe. To love, even when not loved in return
  • Humbleness - look at others with respect and love, not as though anyone is beneath you in any way. Accept people for who they are.
  • Peacefulness - strive to end misunderstandings and conflicts in your life, be willing to make amends. Peace begins first AT HOME, then spreads throughout our world to those around us.
  • Service - live your life serving others in a non-ego-centered way, allow The Spirit of God to guide you.
  • Compassion - live in a spirit of forgiveness, understanding that we are ALL human and need forgiveness.
  • Faith - to live your faith so deeply, and so devotedly that you are an example to all those around you.
  • Purity* - live in a pure way, no matter what your state in life. Purity is more than just sexual purity, it is purity from doing things in order to get your own way, or what you want. It is living devoid of a "hidden agenda". To do loving things without expecting anything in return.
  • Obedience - to be obedient to the rules of your faith, to the laws of the land you live in, and to the people that God has put above you that you should serve and obey. Obedience is more pleasing to God than fasting or sacrifices.

Our mission is TO BRING ALL TRUE FAITHS TOGETHER IN RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER, IN LOVE, AND IN PEACE. By living our faiths in the true and pure way, we will become living examples of Love, peace, humility, compassion, and faithfulness. We can lead the world to a better state, by being an example to one person at a time. We celebrate our different faiths, yet believing that it is One God we worship under Many Names...Allah, Buddha, Ohm, Yaweh, God the Father, Tunka Shila Wankan-Tanka, Supreme Being, Great Spirit, etc.

Have you ever wanted to be a nun or sister? Then email us!
We accept women of all walks of life, married and single, old or young. Our goal is PEACE, LOVE, AND UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN ALL PEOPLES....for we ALL are Children of God...no matter what we Call Him!


* Living purity is living out purity in all aspects of your life:

  • Purity of the Body is more than just sexual purity. It is not doing immoral, indecent, and lude things with your body. Sexual purity is no sex, not even masterbation, unless you are married. God has said (through visionaries) that "impurity was the sin of Sodom & Gomorrah." The idea is that impurity (even masterbation) leads to more and worse impurity.
  • Purity of intention is also known as "integrity," you say what you do and you do what you say;
  • Purity of the mouth is to speak the truth, but being mindful of it's power (not beating others up with the truth.)
  • Purity of the heart means you are doing things for love of God or others rather than selfish reasons or self-benefiting reasons.
  • Purity of the mind living in ways that foster holy thoughts rather than selfishness, greed, anger, and hatred.
  • The opposite of Purity: To have a hidden agenda, to persuade others to agree with our views/desires.

Peace be with you.

Sister Frances
of the Sisters of Embracement

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