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GOD IS SPEAKING TO ALL OF US TODAY, RIGHT NOW! Read these messages! To read Messages from God/Jesus/Mother Mary that are happening TODAY...

Approved Marian (Mother of God) Appararitions

Theotokos, Mother of God

MarianLand (list of Marian Sites)

Excellent DVD, Marian Apparitions of the 20th Century

Spirit Home (basic Christianity)

Hinduism Today Magazine

Hindu-Christian Point and Counterpoint

Himilayan Academy

Books on Hinduism



Parliment of World Religions

North American Interfaith Network

International Association of Religious Freedom

Dalai Lama Live From Central Park


Women in Buddhism

Buddhist Virtual Library

Zen Buddhist Library

Buddhism: About.com

Theravada Buddhism Readings



THE Judaism site - Torah.org

Jewish Learning Network

Judaism 101

Judaism and Jewish Resources

Al Qur'an was-Sunnah Society

Islam: Questions and Answers

Islamway Sisters

Islamic Directory

The Keeper of the Sacred Pipe, Arvol Looking Horse

Native American Times

Seeking Native Spirituality

Native Languages

Council on Spiritual Practices

Blessed Kateri Tetakwetha


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